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Research Participation Greatly Appreciated

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My name is Collette Morris and I am from Griffith University on the Gold Coast. I am conducting a research project on the health behaviours of breast cancer survivors as part of the requirements for my Honours in Psychology program and would greatly appreciate your participation.

I am seeking participants who currently reside in South-Eastern QLD or Northern NSW to complete a online questionnaire about their health behaviours and attitudes towards nutrition and exercise. Participation is voluntary and anonymous and takes about 30 mins to complete. More information about the study and questionnaire is provided on the information sheet attached to the questionnaire. 

The online link to the questionnaire is http://griffithbbh.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_cIvBdN6zCar02Gw which also includes contact details of the researchers. 


If you would prefer to fill out a paper-based version of the questionnaire, you can also email Dr. Heather Green at  [email protected] and we can post you a copy of the questionnaire with a reply paid envelope.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email Dr. Heather Green at  [email protected] or call the telephone number provided on the information sheet in the online questionnaire.

Your participation would be greatly appreciated!

Kind Regards,

Collette Morris and Dr. Heather Green

School of Psychology,Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus.

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