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I went and got myself my first wig yesterday in prep for my hair falling out pretty soon as chemo starts tomorrow. Does anyone know if you an post photos on the forum coz none of my friends and family realised it was a wig and it has given me such a boost asthma, for me, is such a realisation that you are having to have treatment

many thanks in advance,






  • Tracey62Tracey62 Gold CoastMember Posts: 298
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    Hi Lou, so glad you got a new wig, hopefully you'll feel more comfortable around people. Mind you this sticky weather is really hot with a wig. Someone told me you can buy a little cap for under the wig & put it in the freezer before wearing. Your first chemo is confronting, but breathe, be brave, you can do this. Will be thinking of you tomorrow, luv Trace??

    ps when you have screen open to post, there's a little camera icon on top row to add photos.

  • Cook65Cook65 Member Posts: 733
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    Good for you Louisa! Remember this feeling to help you get through any down times through chemo. Good luck. Karen xox

  • Brenda5Brenda5 Burrum Heads, QldMember Posts: 2,409
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    So there is! Never noticed the camera icon before lol. Can it be uploaded direct off my hard drive or do I need to host it somewhere like photobucket first?

    Its so hot and humid here lately I don't think I would even think about a wig and even when I manage to tie a scarf ( I am atrocious at it) it feels hot and I can't pop it off again and get it on easily. Yesterday I just wore my big hat in sunny times and took it off inside. Too bad if I look a sight to others, they aren't battling breast cancer. It'll grow back nice eventually.

  • PP Member Posts: 7
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    Hi Louisa

    I have my first chemo in 10days and like you i want to get a wig before I start to lose my hair. I have short hair and i have absolutely no idea how i will feel looking at myself without hair. I may be fine with scarfs but I really am trying to have the wig only to save myself if i really lose all my confidence along the way. i am glad you found a perfect fit. I am hoping i can find one too. Did you get it online or from a shop?

    Good luck with chemo.

    xoxo P


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