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Steph Baxter
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Hey guys!

I am brand new at BCNA- I joined the wonderful and enthusiastic Marketing team in May. So far I have been truly impressed by the motivation of everyone in our office, all working hard for a good cause, but always with a smile :)

Firstly some background about me- I’m a country bumpkin from regional Victoria. I grew up in Cathcart out near the Grampians, on a small farm with my parents and three brothers and moved down to Melbourne a few years ago for uni. 

I thought I’d tell you what lead me to BCNA. While I don’t have a personal breast cancer story, I do have my own cancer experience. My Dad died of Oesophageal cancer 2 years ago just before I turned 20. It was beyond devastating.  We are a very close family and all of our worlds were turned upside down forever.

 After this experience, I knew I wanted to spend my time being part of something worthwhile, an organisation that strives to help and support others who are experiencing hardship. That, hand in hand with the colourful nature of media and marketing has led me to my exciting new role at BCNA.

And yes, I am very EXCITED to be part of the team…..and hopefully I will get the chance to meet some of you guys soon!!


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    Hi Steph,

    Welcome to BCNA and this wonderful site.I have found  great support from the other ladies here-we all help each other and collectively our brains make up one big intelligent one(even the chemo brains).I was very sorry to here about your father.My dad died of lung cancer.I helped my mum nurse him at home.So hard to watch a loved one deteriorate before your eyes.That was 10yrs ago and my mum still cries.The path you have now taken is such a worthwhile one.You will be helping so many people.My best wishes to you in your new position.

                                                Tonya xx


  • Steph Baxter
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    Thankyou TonyaM for your kind words! it is definately a very hard thing to witness, and recover from- regardless of how long ago it was.

    It is lucky there are so many inspiring stories of survival out there like those from the lovely ladies on this site, and like you said, just from reading the posts- I can see it is a wonderful support network :)