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hi there,

I am 30 years old, have a 7 yo daughter and was diagnosed with what doctors think is inflammatory breast cancer HER2+ on Friday. I've been doing a lot of reading and glad I found this network to read of others experiences and advice. Treatment plan is 6 cycles of chemo, surgery and then radiation. I see the oncologist tomorrow to find out more. I am keen to freeze my eggs and to try cold caps to keep my attempt to keep my hair! Would love to here your experiences and advice. I'm in Sydney.




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    Hi Kylie

    Its wonderful that you have connect with the network. 

    I was first diagnosed at 27, and again this year at 36 I'm brac1 and TNBC. 

    Treatment this time has been chemo, double mastectomy, and clearence of all lympnodes. I didn't mind losing my hair, as it grows back thicker and stronger. I have no children, but the first time I looked a options to preserve my fertility. I now here the egg harvesting technology has come along way and this would be a good option for you. I went to talk to fertility clinic and I recommend you do as asap if you want more children. No oncologist can tell you what your fertility will be like after treatment, everybody is different. Your periods are most likely to return, about 12 months after treatment stops, but you need to consider how old you are going to be then and what your egg quality will be like. If you do go down the track of egg saving, make this the priority. You can delay the start of your treatment! Depending on what stage you are? Talk with your team being clear on what's important to you. You do have a voice and choices. I know that the first time I was diagnosis I was like deer in headlights and just did what the medical team said. This time I have been more in control of the process and treatment. I hope this has helped. You may also like to check out the facebook group pink sisters, this is anthoner young Aus women support group. 

    All the best and stay in touch. 


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    Hi Kylie

    I was diagnosed with BC in June this year, had partial mastectomy and sentinel node, then four rounds of chemo and am currently going through 7 weeks of radiotherapy. I am 34 years old and have no children so decided to do egg harvest/freezing, as like you it was important to me to keep the option open. 

    Talk to your oncologist and they will be able to make you the appointment with fertility clinic as you need to do this before your treatment starts! I also got to speak with a specialist fertility councellor (through the fertility clinic) and that helped me a lot to deal with all the options and also the cancer diagnosis and long term effects.

    The process is a little daunting but well worth it for the peace of mind you will get knowing you have a back up if your fertility becomes permanently changed due to treatment.

    I tried the ice capping also as I had long blonde hair down to my waist. I had it all cut really short beforehand as they said that helps for it to work, unfortunately that was not the case for me and by week two of my first chemo it was all coming out in large sections. Apparently it does depend on the type of chemo drug they use, dosages and hair type though and the caps really didn't fit me well as I have a tiny head! Hopefully it will work for you, nothing to loose by giving it a try!

    Just take one day at a time, it's all very confusing and upsetting in the beginning but you will get there! Wishing you all the best and stay in touch. Love and hugs, Holly xxxx :)

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