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Mothers Day

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Hope everyone had a great Mothers Day. I usually do the MDC and then have a crowd around for lunch. This year I was away for the weekend so didn't do that. It was at this event last year that I first thought I must do something about this pain in right hip and leg......it took another 5 or 6 weeks to find out and that's when we hopped back onto the rollercoaster! My Herceptin and Zometa treatments are going well with not much side effects, just go home and lie around for the afternoon which is not hard at all! I am feeling so much better taking arimidex as opposed to the Femara. In fact I feel rejeuvenated as almost no joint pain except for my fingers...fantastic! So I am hoping it stays like that especially as I'm going on my big trip away in 3 weeks.

I am thinking of having some Physio as my back feels really stiff and this might help loosen things up a bit. Has anybody else tried this I wonder?

I am going to have a review in 2 weeks before we go on our trip. I wanted to wait untill after we got back but husband said no, we are better off knowing what is going on. I'm dreading it as I really fear being told I have to have chemotherapy as I have already had 8 cycles 10 years ago with the whole no hair, weight gain, nausea etc which funnily enough one does NOT forget!! Going back for seconds will be bad having already been there. Why IS chemo so bad I wonder? I see people in the unit when I have my treatment and I feel for them so much. Everbody lying there with there own story and hopes to be free of this stuff. Sat next to a lovely young couple this week , he didn't look too well, and felt so emotional about them as they sat there holding hands looking totally stunned.

I'm going to see the movie Babies this weekend, it looks fantastic and heartwarming and of course I just love babies anyway. I think we all need feelgood things to boost our soul with all this stuff going on. Oh and going to the skin doctor about my biopsy on my skin cancer-actually I've diagnosed myself it's a BCC (basal cell carcinoma) the one that's not too dangerous! Presently have black thread hanging out of my forehead which looks an absolute treat. I'm going to try and feel cheerier this week now I feel so much better.


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