Donation of old prosthesis or mastectomy bras (CLOSED - NO LONGER TAKING DONATIONS)

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Hi Ladies, 

I know this has been posted previously but thought I would repost it for anyone who may have missed it. Do you have an old prosthesis or mastectomy bra lying around? I have been in touch with Lily DeSantis who is very involved in a program to donate old prosthesis and mastectomy bras to ladies in Fiji who can't afford them. She was booked to go over in June but the project has grown (which is great) and so they are postponing until September. So if you have had a reconstruction or have maybe ordered a new prosthesis (Medicare covers you for a new one every two years), and your old one is lying around please consider donating to this amazing project. I will post a link below. 


Paula x


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    We are no longer collecting donations of prosthesis/bras etc. This project was shut down in 2019. The PO box has been closed. But we still get calls from people saying they saw it on BCNA.

    I don't know why that webpage link above still works.
    As a sole trader with no tech , Lily doesn't have a fancy webpage or get it updated  much
    But even on the updated webpage currently
    - the 'WE ARE NO LONGER TAKING DONATION' is right at the bottom.
    Not super obvious.

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