Get connected day

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Hi all,

There's quite a lot going on in the network at the moment, and a lot of people looking for others of similar experience to connect to.

So, to create a central place where you can leave a message about yourself and indicate you'd like to connect with others, we're making Wednesday "Get Connected" day here in the Getting Started Group.

Get Connected

So -- what to do?   All you need to do is comment to this post (use the comment form at the bottom of the page) with a short note about yourself and who you're looking to connect to.  Easy!

If you see someone with experience similar to yours, who you'd like to connect to, then just click their username (in their post) and you will end up on their profile page.  Then all you need to do is look on the left side of the page under their picture and you'll see an "add contact" link and follow the prompts.

Why connect to others?

One of the good things about connecting to others, is that all of their blog posts will show up on your homepage in a reading list.  So if you haven't visited the site in a few days, you'll still see what everyone is up to!

Important note

Remember to check your own privacy settings on your "edit" page. There's no need to reveal anything personal or private, but if you want others to connect to you, you should make some of your My Profile settings "public" so others can find out a bit about you (eg. 'my story', 'about' me' and 'breast cancer experience'). 

If you're not sure what to do, you might like to read this post on how to change your privacy settings.

Have fun!