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Hi Ladies, it has been one week since my first Chemo - I have come through pretty well all things considered.  The only thing I seem to suffer is a constant big fat belly-ache.  I have been fairly well otherwise.  Got some stitches out yesterday (a walk in the park!).  Looking forward to the Easter break - YAY! no doctors, treatment or other stuff - I actually had to buy a diary, my husband and I were getting snowed under with all the appointments of late.  The emotions are still up and down as you know, but I thought it was really funny the other day an 'electricity salesman' came to the door - he was SO persistant and wouldn't go away....I shocked mysef, I told him to go away (not that politely!) and slammed the door in his face.  My husband came out and said "Did you just do what I think you did?" I smiled rather gingerley and said "Yep".  He chuckled and said "I thought so"  I looked at him with a very cheeky grin and said "Gee it felt good!"  I hope that dosen't make me too naughty, but I find I am 'suffering fools lightly'.  I suppose there are one or two or you out there that maybe able to relate? Cheers Josie


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    Enjoy the Easter break and try to take your mind off all things medical.

    H?????oping your stomach settles down. When I had chemo I found that ginger tablets helped to settle me.

    Best wishes, Deb

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    Thank you Deb x x x Josie

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    Woohoo good for you JJoy. There is enough suffering without having to put up with fools. I can feel your rush of energy as you told him where to go.

    All the best.

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    Thanks Maria - oh! It was an 'awesome' energy rush!  I have found lately that there are three sorts of people in my life - 1/ the ones that 'don't want to know', 2/ those that don't care and 3/ the ones that are totally supportive.  I am finding it really easy to pick out who my true friends are now - not a bad thing really. x x x Cheers Josie

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