Report on breast cancer in Australia

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Interesting reading I found on the internet regarding key facts and findings of breast cancer in Australia.


Excerpt from the report below


Breast cancer in Australia: an overview presents the most up-to-date statistical information on

breast cancer in Australia. The report documents key breast cancer statistics to provide

researchers, health service providers and policy makers with the most relevant data to

reduce the impact of breast cancer in Australia.

This report represents the significant contributions and the continuing partnership of Cancer

Australia, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, and the Australasian Association of

Cancer Registries. Cancer Australia works to reduce the impact of cancer and improve the

wellbeing of those diagnosed by ensuring that evidence informs cancer prevention,

screening, diagnosis, treatment and supportive care. The Australian Institute of Health and

Welfare’s work informs and supports the development of policy and programs on

Australia’s health and welfare through the provision of relevant, timely and high-quality


The current report provides a nationwide snapshot of a major condition affecting a

substantial number of Australians. It identifies the relationship between breast cancer

incidence and mortality and geographical remoteness, socioeconomic status, Aboriginal and

Torres Strait Islander status, and country of birth. In addition, information on survival,

prevalence, hospitalisations, expenditure, and the burden of disease from breast cancer

indicates the impact of this disease on our population and health system. Importantly, the

report identifies areas of significant change over time and provides projections for the future

to assist in planning for services and patient needs.

We would like to thank the staff of the various cancer registries and data repositories for

their efforts in making these data available. We anticipate that the information contained in

Breast cancer in Australia: an overview will be used extensively to further our goal of reducing

the mortality from breast cancer and improving the wellbeing of all Australians living with

the disease.

Mr David Kalisch


Australian Institute of

Health and Welfare

Professor Helen Zorbas


Cancer Australia