The Art of Shaping – Oval & Dimond Body Shape

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The Art of Shaping – Oval & Diamond Body Shape

Definition revisit: If you forgot the exact characteristic of these Shape, click on the respective link below:



The art of illusion:

* The general trick is to visually elongate the body, i.e draw the attention toward your lovely face/head and shoulders

* Since middle area is a little shy, why not draw your observers upward to face, shoulder and neck areas with interesting necklines and elegant/interesting accessories.

* choosing clothes that visually lengthen (elongate) in the torso - gives you a more flattering silhouette.   Bodyslicing tricks, see below.

Body Slicking

The concept of "Body slicing" : this is a great trick to     a) elongate the body &      b) divide the body into 3 little bits vertically

=> noticing all the plus sizes fashion always include a thigh length drippy cardigan.  The layering creates the vertical illusion. 

=> the vertical lines elongate your body and draw the eye inward.

Body slicing example

=> Since Winter is coming, invest in a "Belted Coat" style jacket (min. thigh length & low neck line).  Dress it with a colourful scarf.  Noted the Belt help create the illusion of a hourglass figure. i.e. seperate top half and bottom half.

divid and conquer


=> or wear a structured outer jacket with minimal pockets (as loose pockets adds bulk to mid-section), nipped-in waist and flared bottom.  Try to match it with a lighter inner layer.

Focus on face / shoulder / neck area

==> go for elegant jewelly
==> Detail / ruffle open neck lines
==> Structure shoulder with sleeves and light fabric (not skin tight)

Big Boobs:

If you are one of the one that has a good set of boobs ..

==> keep your neck free  (i.e. no turtle neck or high neckline tops - this adds volumes to your boobs )

==> find tops that divide your boobs as TWO boobs, not one (low V neckline is good, Tops with buttons in the middle near the

Show off you beautiful face & new hair with colours, earings, necklaces, hats.  Try to avoid big bulking handbag with your outfit, as the handbag can often add volume to your mid-section.

Lastly don't forget to add beautiful scarf to your neckline if you are wearing a wig or wearing your new grow hear.  Or you can simply wear the colour scarf on your head and embrass it - cause you are still beautiful ... as we all are!!

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