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Aromatase Inhibitors & Breast Cancer Therapy - Milestones in Oncology

berryberry Member Posts: 67
Great YOUTUB.com  clip on Al inhibitors.


  • EAAEAA Member Posts: 88
    Thanks Berry& Sister.. invaluable clip.. more expert education please.. is there one on why imaging
    for early recurrence is avoided because of harms.. I’m not yet convinced of the argument of false positives
    and the harm is the onc is compelled to deliver treatment that is harmful based on the false reading.
    in my case, false mammogram negative readings produced a harmful outcome by missed second tumour..
    ( I’m becoming boring in this).. Anyone found an equally best knowledge video on the restrictions 
    of imaging for early detection of recurrence. First interview very happy with my new private onc.
    Able to have a conversation. I asked about PET.. that’s when the argument re harms came up.
    Asked about MRI and blood biomarkers . Only women with breast tissue have this.. Having no bosoms
    ive reduced risk. The Family Adult geneticist also told me this. But, my new onc suggests further
    genetic testing.. which I’d like.. Also off Prolia as my bone density is above average for my age.
    Bone Density, is tested two years after being in AIs unless you’re osteoporotic from the beginning.
    At last, I think I have an onc who will engage my personal history . Thanks to all..
    Our collective knowledge is supburb. xoxo 

  • SkinnylatteSkinnylatte Melbourne SEMember Posts: 10
    On zoladex injections plus femara AI, for a few weeks now post chemo and rad for ILC. Onc has suggested removing ovaries (no longer zoladex every month). GP seemed shocked at the idea though.  Anyone been through similar?
  • berryberry Member Posts: 67
    If I was premenopausal then I would have them removed. Estrogen is the enemy!!!!!!!
  • SisterSister Adelaide Hills, SAMember Posts: 4,828
    To be honest, I would have them removed particularly knowing that it is a place that ILC can recur.  I have asked on a couple of occasions about having mine removed but the medical folk are not keen as I'm menopausal.
  • Charlie2019Charlie2019 Member Posts: 16
    I am having my ovaries removed in a couple of weeks.  I had ILC 7 years ago and it came back this year and I have had a double mastectomy and am on AIs. I am post menopausal now. Given I have had the ILC come back I am very nervous about it metastasizing even though nothing showed up in my lymph nodes. None of drs suggested that I have my ovaries removed but once I understood that it is the place ILC commonly metastases I decided to seek the opinion of a gynaecological oncologist. End result is I am having them removed to reduce any risk and for peace of mind.  My GP and medical oncologist have been very supportive of this decision.
  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 4,487
    I must admit, I was pondering the voluntary removal of ovaries as well, being post menopausal & that they appear to be 'turning against me'!    Sadly, It appears ILC's have a greater chance of going to mets ... tho we obviously hope not.   I didn't realise that the ovaries is one of the first places it can go to!  Will it be keyhole surgery?

    All the best for your procedure xxx

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