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Hi all,

I know how much everyone here has at one time or another appreciated hearing or telling your own personal stories. So here's a quick heads up that the team are now requesting entries for the next issue of The Beacon magazine if you'd like to contribute.

Here's the call for entries:

Feature stories in The Beacon or Inside Story magazine

We are currently seeking articles and ideas of 200 - 300 words (about half a page), on the topic 'Emotional wellbeing' for the Winter 2011 edition of The Beacon:

Did you struggle with anxiety, depression or feelings of low self-esteem? Who or what helped you in your recovery? How have you come to terms with the 'new you'? Perhaps breast cancer prompted you to reassess your life, try new things or fulfil a lifelong dream. What advice do you have for women still adjusting to their diagnosis?

To submit a story for consideration, email by the end of March 2011. Please also include a high-resolution digital photo, or post your photo to us and we will return it to you.