Happy New Year

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Gosh just realised I have not blogged for while but rest assured I'm still here!! I've been having ups and downs by the bucket load and am currently having some more radiation as woke up on Christmas Day and couldn't lift my arm or leg. I rang the home nurse and she fixed me up so I had a lovely day. I LOVE christmas and all the festivities. My hubby cooked an amazing meal he was in his element! We are off on our beach holiday at the end of the week . I find since I don't work anymore I need breaks from routine as I sometimes feel all I do all day is jobs round the house. I AM going to find a way to feel better this year whether by changing treatment or going to a shrink OR BOTH.
Let's all remember it's a new year and a year I never expected to see at any stage of this cancer. So let's all have a good one!!


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    Good to hear from you. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas and I'm glad for you. Nice to have your hubby cook the meal. My husband was a fantastic help with our lunch and I really didn't do much. He wouldn't let me :)

    I am sure this year will be a great year. Let's hope that there will be good things ahead.

    Hugs and love
    Janey xxx
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    Happy New Year to you too. Sounds like you have some fun time ahead I love a beach holiday. My husband and I went off to Cairns after my radiation in October last year and it was so good, no appointments no nothing but each other. Just be careful of the water and the sun on your radiated skin.

    Last year I took 7 months off work and as I have beena career person it weas really difficult, I struggled terribly I felt likeI had nothing to look forward to each day was just doctors or home. I asked for a refferal to a psychologist and that was the best thing I did for myself. She told me I was suffering with adjustment disorder, too many things changing that I had no control over. Anyway the best thing she said was each day I had to do something for myself, something that bought me pleasure and that I could look forward to.

    Sending you big hugs


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    Thankyou, nice to hear from you and I find it so helpful to hear of other peoples experiences.
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    Hi everyone, so nice to hear from you. Time flips by so fast. I'm in all sorts of trouble. I had the op to have my leg pinned which actually was not that bad. Must have stirred up some issues in my leg and had agonising pain episodes so have spent many days in hospital and pal care. Had heaps of drugs, not so good. My dr thinking of changing my chemo and discussed a few options. Tykerb may have run it's course. Since I've lost 15 kilos I might give Provera a go as a bit of weight gain could be good. That funny look people get whom one hasn't seen for a while 'cos you look different. Feeling pretty sad about all this and want my life back. Need to go outside and yell "give me my life back" .
    Got to see my daughter start uni this year, this made me happy for sure. My son is finishing mid year which is going to be a happy day.
    I went to my 40 year school reunion a few weeks ago and had a great night. Now this is an interesting statistic, 10 women out of 60 in my class have had or going through BC. This is spot on the statistics.
    We have booked a short break away in May so I'm going hell or high water to swim in the sea , my very favourite thing to do. Over the years when I've been having nasty things done to my body I lie and think of swimming in the beautiful sea, it really helps a lot to focus on something you enjoy.
    Just saw an ad for Masterchef.....can we really do it again????xxx