A day at the Gawler Foundation Annual Conference

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Hi there,

Recently I attended day one of the Gawler Foundation’s ‘Profound Healing  - Sustainable Wellbeing’ annual conference. It was a great day, with many interesting speakers and discussions. Some of you who live in Victoria may already know about the fantastic work of the Gawler Foundation, which offers a range of healing and wellness programs for people affected by cancer and other serious illnesses.


Many topics were covered, including the use of complementary and alternative medicine and the benefits of physical exercise. It was also really interesting to hear about the role of integrative health practitioners who are able to provide advice on both conventional medicine and complementary and alternative medicine. Dr Ruth Gawler also gave an insightful and useful talk about how to 'get the best of your health professional'.


If you want to know a bit more about the day, you can download the conference report here.