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I didnt know where to post this! My best friend keeps saying that if I want to mature and grow as a Christian I need to get more passionate for the things of God than going to Guy Sebastian concerts and talking about him on Facebook and stuff! If I had to choose obviously I couldn't live without God but in her eyes I can't grow and get to where i'm supposed to be if I continue the way I'm doing this area of my life. I know she will never understand it but I wrote this excerpt from a letter to her explaining my thoughts. I didn't hold back like I would usually!!

As for focusing less on Guy and going to concerts - I have done very few since I got sick and lost my job so when I can it's a huge excitement and I wont apologise for that! Not everyone’s life can be exciting all the time but with the way mine has been these little moments of excitement are needed and deserved I think. Not saying i'm better because of what i've been through but if you were in my shoes I would think you may agree. It's like you said, different friends you bond with differently because of shared interests but none is better than the other. That's how the friendships I have created through Guy make me feel because of our shared interest. It's like I can talk with them differently than other people and that's healthy. I have worked very hard to have less pictures around and signatures because I know it's not great for others to see sometimes. It's like I don’t try and understand all about your love of V8's because it would probably bore me a bit and I respect you have different likes and hobbies. Part of the excitement is connecting with other fans which facebook is a good way to do. I only converse with other fans about him on there so i'm not sure how you can see our conversations without being friends with them as well. I really try and keep that sort of thing to a minimum and I thought I was trying hard to be well rounded person online and talk about different range of topics but obviously not enough to your satisfaction.
I do want to try and mature with god and know him more but after you've been in Church for a while the passion dies down. I heard someone say that if you had a choice between Guy and God who could you not live without? Obviously I have said God definetly. Doesn’t that say something about where my heart is at??

I don't know if she is right and I do need to do things differently or can I still have the excitment of being a fan of Guy but still grow spiritually in the areas I need to? It's somewhat of a cross roads; I thought a while ago I needed to cut down on my focus on Guy and spending money on concerts but I stood my ground and thought I could do both and still get to my calling in life but now i'm not so sure. Basically she thinks im putting being a fan of Guy ahead of growing spiritually which I have tried hard not to do at all ever.



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    I agree with Moira. Everyone is different and if you get enjoyment out of listening to and following Guy then keep doing it. Negativity is such a drag...we need positivity to keep us up and going. Guy is very much into the church, anyway, so it isn't like you are following some pagan or irreligious person. 

    Keep smiling and singing,

    Regards, Lynne