Ideas on helping mum through this tough time

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Hi, I'm new to the group. MY name is Heng and my mum's been diagnosed with cancer. Her first diagnosis was in 2003, its re-occured again in 2012 and at the moment she's still going through possible further radio or chemo treatments. A tumor has re-occured during treatments after surgery and i'm beginning to worry. Surgery has become less of an option since the entire breast has been removed.

She says she feels as though there is something pulling or attached inside of the area. After hearing this i've become to be very worry on what i can do as a child in supporting her. Dad left us in 2011 and all mum's family members are overseas.

what are your stories and in what ways are benefical in aiding mum's recovery to be less stressful and painful.




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    I just wanted to jump in and let you know that Heng did get some support from the women in the online network on how to support his mum --