Viva The Beacon

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I salute and honor those of us that got decent media coverage especially with their local newspapers for October.

In Launceston we only managed one picture of one Mini-Field earlier in the month, so I am glad we have The Beacon to shout our tales from. I even sent pictures to the paper but anayway the message got out to many members of the public so that is all that matters, eh???



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    Hi Mandy .... it seems the media is fickle in many ways and quite accomodating in others.

    I have been fortunate, I have had front covers in two editions of our weekly local paper and have had the Sunraysia Daily come out from Mildura twice.

    They are coming out again tomorrow, the RUBY is moving out of her docking lagoon to the wharf so hopefully there will be more pics in Saturday's paper... and the girls are going to come out on Sunday for the Field of Women.  The reporters and their photographers are all young women and have really latched onto the story.

    I have Beacon Bcna as a "friend" on Face Book so when ever I post "Pink" photo albums I tag one of the pictures "Beacon Bcna" and then the album comes up on those pages.... so I hope someone's looking at them LoL !!!!

    The TV is a different kettle of fish altogether .... Wentworth is very much the "poor relation" in TV world and is low on their list of priorities.  I've sent invitations to the F-o-W for Sunday and to the Pink-at-the-Pub event tomorrow night and also notes of what has been happening around town as have the local Tourist office, but no reaction al all.

    Still I guess we can't please all of the people all of the time so we have to be happy with pleasing a few.

    Cheers .... Shirl xx