Breast cancer advocacy – what does it mean to you?

Katie Allen
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Breast cancer advocacy means different things to different people and as Advocates for BCNA I know that for each of you reading this, advocacy means something different.

This month I came across an article in the journal, The Breast 'The ever changing face of breast advocacy' that was written by Judith Wagner a breast cancer advocate in the US and a former nurse (not unlike many of you).

For Judith, her passions for advocacy is to empower women to search for the best care possible, which means locating a Breast Centre of Excellence and that best care continually improving standards for all physcians who perform breast imaging.

After reading this article and Judith's passion, it got me thinking, what is our Advocates passion in regards to breast cancer? As our new online group is slowly forming it would be great if you could post your passion for advocacy in the group, for all to share.

I look forward to hearing about your passions and will start the ball rolling with my passion for working in the breast cancer arena.



  • Katie Allen
    Katie Allen Member Posts: 28
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    My passion for working in the breast cancer arena comes from my desire to be in a job that is meaningful and one where I can feel that I am making a difference and helping people.

    In my role at BCNA I get to coordinate the Advocate appointments, oversee the Review & Survey Group and put together the monthly eBulletin. Producing the monthly eBulletin is my passion!

    In this role, I can keep up to date with the latest breast cancer research and treatments and am able to share this information with our subscribers.