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being the strong man is hard

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I think my poor husband has hit the brick wall today after spending hours at Peter mac hospital yesterday me having a bit of a crying moment and he  has not once hardly left my side except for work does not want to go to work today just wants to be left in bed to sleep all day he said . He also had a massive binge day of take away food  (recently lost 14 kgs on diet) . I feel sorry for him as he has been the pillar of strength for me especially those hugs when you cant say anything. So even though I want to say come on get up things are good  I will let him have what I think is his day away from  all the craziness.   AND keep my mouth shut  ha ha    love to you all adean



  • Daina_BCNADaina_BCNA Member Posts: 892
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    Sounds like he has been a great support to you and maybe just needs a day to do nothing - A doona day sounds like a great idea :-)

    If you think your husband would benefit - there is a support group for partner in our online network, which you can find here: http://www.bcna.org.au/group/22285. This group is public but a good way for him to find other partners for support or just read what they have been talking about.

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