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Having a down day today. Decided to join bcna and reach out to all you fellow members. Lost my dad from cancer early this year. Now my dog has just been diagnosed with adrenal cancer. Can't seem to escape it for too long. Well tomorrows another day hopefully it will be better.


  • ShirlOShirlO Member Posts: 395
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    Hi there Anna, welcome to your new extended family.  So glad you called in for a chat.... there is always someone lurking in the background ready to leap on newcomers, drag them in and lock the doors so they can't escape!!!!

    No we're not really that bad, we don't "lurk" or "drag" but we will talk your ear off and listen to you no matter how you are feeling.

    Don't stress about having a "down" day, you are entitled to your feelings, whether they be happy, sad, cranky ... anything at all.

    So sorry for the loss of your Dad ... it's hard to loose a parent.  I know when my Mum passed away i was so angry ... how dare she go and leave me, I wasn't ready.  Admittedly she was 97 and she was ready!!  And now your pet being diagnosed - i bet you think everything's against you.

    I know it's hard, but try to stay positive, your Dad would want you to, and your pet needs you to.

    Pop in for a chat any time.... Take carfe

    Cheers .... Shirl

  • Di_BCNADi_BCNA I work at the BCNA office in CamberwellMember Posts: 976
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    Hi anna1 and welcome! :)  Enjoy the online network and just ask if you need a hand with finding your way around.

  • anna1anna1 Member Posts: 2
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    Before cancer I thought my life was going well. I had a new man in my life, we bought a lovely home together. We went out to nice restaurants and life was fairly uncomplicated. Then of course the diagnosis... I thought my life was over. I wanted it not to be true, everything was different now, it wasn't fair, blah blah blah. I have heard some people refer to breast cancer as a blessing. I don't quite understand that... but I must admit that I now view my life differently. Yes there is the constant fear in the back of my mind of relapse, but every moment has become precious. The world is a much more beautiful place then I remember. I don't even like sleeping in.. for fear of wasting a minute of my life. I am now truly living my life!!! 

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