Mastectomy bras

I’ve had a mastectomy with reconstruction on the left side (which is now smaller than my right breast) and I will eventually do the same on the right side but in the mean time I’m wondering if anyone knows of any good bras that will give my natural breast the support but also fit both sides. I’m finding I can only wear my post surgery bras and they're not very flattering for my larger breast! please help!!


  • Locksley
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    @CathL I've tried a couple of different styles.  Got fitted, bought  couple online.   I had a mastectomy.   I have a Prostheses.   I find the only bra that is comfortable is my post surgery bra.  But I find it big, ugly and I would like something else. 
  • CathL
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    @Locksley I agree, the post surgery bras are ugly!! 
  • Daina-BCNA
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    Hi @CathL, You might want to reach out to this mobile bra fitter. She looks to service your area and would definitely have suggestions for the best fitting bra for right now. Here is the listing on our Service Finder -
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    Hi@CathL, I just am also L mastectomy without reconstruction.
    I just got fitted for a mastectomy bra called "Trulife Barbara", they have heaps of colours. The online thing I find is that it is back closing, so I need help getting it on. 
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    Hi @CathL , @Locksley and @lolasmum , I had a lumpectomy on my smaller breast so felt even more lop-sided. I found an online company that do a whole range of beautiful bras and have a very informative website for sizing, and for a prothesis if needed, they also do appointments online (video I think) for advice. Have a look at

    They make a good range of pretty and comfortable front opening bras too, even front and back opening on the same bra. I know the prices may seem a little more than you may have spent on a bra before (it was for me) but after going through breast cancer you deserve a little luxury, if possibly only one bra at a time.

    All the best