Tamoxifen after Hysterectomy

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Hi All, haven’t been on for a while but haven’t forgotten what a great source of support and advice you all are. 

I’m 3 years and 3 months out of treatment. - LS mastectomy and tamoxifen. 

I am due to have mitral valve replacement within the next few months but I’m unfortunately having to undergo a hysterectomy beforehand due to heavy periods (warfarin will not be my friend otherwise)

I’m wondering if I’ll still need to take tamoxifen after my hysterectomy? ( I know I need to come off it prior to both surgeries)
and … long term …. What are alternatives to HRT to prevent memory loss/ osteoporosis/ turning into a seething beeyatch?

anyhoo. Lots of loves to all of you. Many thanks in advance for any enlightening comments you can give me ❤️❤️❤️


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    Sorry to hear you need the surgeries @Raich xxx.  Wishing you the best for a good recovery in both xx

    I am guessing you'd need to ask your Onc about needing the Tamoxifen post hysterectomy & the HRT replacements - sorry I can't be more of a help :(  ..... 

    take care

  • Raich
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    Thanks @arpie :)
     have to call my team at Charlie’s and find out what they recommend cxx