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Hi everyone ,
        I had removal of breast cancer in 2022 on left breast including 4 weeks of radiation.today I had a check up I have had a hard spot on the lower right since the surgery it hasn't changed and I'm an still tender where I have a scaring and over this area too, this was also present in my last check up which was with the surgeon which was told was fluid and I had just has a mammogram and ultra sound just before the visit which was all clear.

.I have a revisit in 3 weeks with the surgeon as I saw one of her team of doc today.
I am having a ultra sound over this area .Im a little concerned and worried, but I have also read that hardening and tenderness is common???
Has anyone else experienced this ?


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    @Sharontrains I have a hardish lump near my scar
    as well (the surgeon and ultrasound called it a seroma) I’m nearly 7 years from surgery it has been very slowly shrinking. It used to increase and shrink and hurt in the beginning. I do have lymphedema in the breast armpit and arm but only when I don’t move the arm enough. When I’m at work i do a lot of data entry being right handed the left just sits there. I know have the health app tell me what is  to move every hour which helps remind that I need to get my arm up. I do lymphatic massage on the whole breast I don’t know if that’s why the seroma has been shrinking might have to ask your Dr. i don't see the surgeon anymore. Just oncologist. 
    I hope you get some answers soon.
    Any sort of lump or change is always scary 
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    Seromas can take a long time to go, particularly if they refill. Mine actually developed a seroma within the first seroma! I think massage helped reduce mine and I wish I had started it sooner. But if it’s shrinking, that’s good! Best wishes. 
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    Hardening of tissue is common and I had it, bit scary to find the hard mass but it is common :o)