Hot flushes after treatment?

Look into the Menopause Symptoms After Cancer Clinic or MSACC. They were able to supply me with a drug that halved my hot flushes. I feel so much better. It is suitable for hormone + or - cancer. The one I am on was originally developed for anxiety/ depression but they found it worked for many people in reducing hot flushes. They have another one but this one works for me. Your doctor can also supply this BUT they have to know about it. You do need a referral for MSACC from your GP. They do telephone consults if you live too far away.


  • arpie
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    That sounds terrific @Blossom1961 ....  I was lucky and only had Hot Flushes during early menopause,  not thru my BC treatment.

     I hope those affected will get the same benefit as you xx
  • Blossom1961
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    Update. The hot flushes halved and the face only hot flushes (8 per day minimum) have disappeared entirely. Problem is I had fatigue and nausea getting worse each day. So I halved the tablet a week ago. I wasn’t sure how that would affect the hot flushes but I wasn’t coping well with the side effects. SUCCESS! I have energy again, I don’t have to go back to sleep for an hour after I wake in the morning and virtually no nausea. AND, hot flushes have decreased further. 💃💃💃🎉🎉 I am ecstatic. 
  • arpie
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    Terrific news, @Blossom1961 ..  Long may it last xx

  • cranky_granny
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    That is fantastic news @Blossom1961 if my hot flushes get any worse I will have to look into this. 
  • Cindi
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    Thank you for that info @Blossom1968, I will ask my surgeon when I see him tomorrow, as that restless legs has been torturing me for the last few weeks! 
    I didn't realise there was anything that could be done to help. :)