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Was anyone NOT offered the Oncotype test - as recommendation was for no chemo?

laurie123 Member Posts: 30
Further to my previous post, I am starting to panic as I am learning more and I see many, many women offered the oncotype test to see if chemo or not. 

I was never offered this (& I didn't know about it).  My oncologist advised no chemo due to my 'apparent' low risk of recurrence.

Lobular, 8mm, grade 2, stage 1, no lymph nodes. 

But I'm in a bit of a panic this morning hoping my oncologist was I have no oncotype test to back it....but it's too late lumpectomy was October last year....


  • noosa_blue150
    noosa_blue150 Member Posts: 209
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    If I’m reading the BCNA info correctly , breast cancer that is HER2 positive and HR negative suits testing 
    if you’re triple,negative or  triple positive it won’t help - other factors like size and whether lymph nodes affected or path type (lobular - IDC etc ) come into play 
    does that sound right ?

    I was triple positive , ductal ca and no lymph nodes affected originally -no family history and was never offered onc-type or genetic testing -was told I needed chemo because of triple positive status 
  • Cath62
    Cath62 Member Posts: 1,130
    You are lucky that reoccurance is considered low @laurie123 . It's a big factor in a chemo decision. I had hormone positive breast cancer and Her2 negative but my chances of it reoccurring was very high so I had chemo. Never offered that onco test as it was clear in my pathology. Maybe discuss your concerns with your oncologist to see if they will do that test for you. It may give you peace of mind.
  • iserbrown
    iserbrown Member Posts: 5,375
    In response to your original post - No, I was not offered Oncotype test.  My tumour was much larger than yours but the pathology report and excellent team looking after me determined my treatment.

    Here's another link so you can analyse your pathology report and perhaps formulate questions around it

    Take care