Second opinion - Oncologist - how to arrange/navigate

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Wondering how I would go about obtaining a 2nd opinion from another oncologist?  I have been trying to contact my breast care nurse but they are swamped at the moment :-(

You may see from my previous posts that I have anxiety now as I learn more & more about lobular breast cancer, and am concerned I may not have been taken 'seriously' enough. 

My oncologist did not offer the oncotype test to me, although I did ask about it and he shrugged it off as not needed.  I have also not been offered genetic testing, and although breast cancer is not in my immediate family, my brothers had bowel and liver cancer, both at young ages.  Not sure if related, but again, I'd like to ask/check.

My oncologist originally did not recommend I even take tamoxifen (although I am strongly oestrogen positive).  My radiation oncologist discussed with him and I am now taking it.  So I am having a lot of anxiety and doubt, my tumour was small 8mm and not in lymph nodes, however it was still cancer, and I don't want to regret missing steps that I should have done in years to come. You can't muck around with this stuff.

So, to get a 2nd opinion from another oncologist, how do you go about it?  A referral from my GP?  Do you think it might be too late to discuss now?  My surgery was in October, and my radiation finished in December last year 2022.


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    S0 sorry your Onc isn't really addressing your concerns re your diagnosis & treatment .... my first Onc was 'similar' - dismissing my concerns - I was very lucky that a 2nd Onc had just joined the Public Hospital that I attend (and MY Rad Onc had thoroughly recommended her as well ....) so when my first Onc was away on leave, I saw HER - and have continued to see her for 4 years+ now too.  

    It is Definitely not too late to change Oncs ..... maybe just message your Breast Care Nurse (if you have their Mobile No/email address) - then she can get back to you in her own time ..... 

    What area are you in (roughly)? (You can add it to your Profile & Members may be able to point you to someone specifically in your area, via Personal Message.)  If your area has a cancer centre/public hospital, you should be able to google them & see who else works there as an Onc ..... or also ask your Rad Onc - they will be VERY aware of any other Medical Oncs in the area - and it seems your Rad Onc is definitely 'in your corner' for you xx

    You really shouldn't have to be chasing the Onc for preferred treatment/diagnostic tools - THEY should be suggesting all that for YOU! xx. 

    Take care & all the best
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    Hi @laurie123 I'm sorry to hear about your experience with your oncologist.

    For information regarding seeking a second opinion, you might find this My Journey article "Getting a second opinion about your breast cancer treatment" helpful.

    Kind regards
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    Thank you for the information and taking the time to reply.  I truly appreciate it.  So much to nagivate and my brain feels like a puzzle!
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    Hi Laurie, yes, I would contact your GP. Mine initially sent off multiple referrals for me so i could chat to a few different doctors. I had a few issues, so went back and she sent a few more off. Good on you for being proactive. I had the oncatype test done, and my results were marginal so i went through with the chemo and happy i did. not saying you should do the test but you need someone to go over it all with you and take it seriously. good luck :)