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I am just wanting to hear how other people's recoveries have been after DIEP reconstructive surgery. I had surgery in July last year. I ended up in ICU for 10 days the week after with an infection in a lymph node in my groin. I became septic and nearly died. I have experienced nothing but discomfort since. My stomach feels like I have a knife or razor blade inside, trying to cut me from the inside out. I still have pain in my chest plate and I'm in pain in numerous places when I press on numerous areas on my reconstructed breast. I am due to have the last lot of surgery to remove the petal and make adjustments etc but I am very nervous and anxious about going through any more surgery. 


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    I didn't have that type of reconstruction, I was found to be not suitable.
    Have a look in the group 'Choosing Breast Reconstruction'.
    In that group there are women's stories and photos, experiences.
    I'm sorry you seem to have had a terrible experience.
    I understand that DIEP is a long and major surgery.
    You may have spelt wrong, I don't understand what 'removing the petal' means?
    All the best, I hope that you see improvements soon.

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    Hi @Kerrin
    So sorry to hear you are in this situation - breast cancer is certainly the gift that keeps on giving!
    Hav you joined the private group on here “ Choosing Breast Reconstruction ”?
    There are lots of stories and photos ( some quite graphic) on there.
    I had DIEP surgery 18 months ago following mastectomy and radiotherapy.
    I had it in the private system and had a great team but it was explained to me that even though I was a good candidate , sometimes there were  complications and there were no guarantees.
    I was off the charts with anxiety going into the surgery so can understand your anxiety about further surgery.
    I had a couple of small hiccups along the way but am very pleased with my results. 
    If you post on the private group you might get some more candid responses from ladies who have had complications - I believe that it is generally a surgery with good results as long as you are suitable and the surgeon has the right experience .

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    Hi @Julez1958
    I did join the group but can't figure out how to post my message there. 
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    It sounds like you've been thru the mill already, @Kerrin .... and i wish you best for your upcoming surgery to hopefully rectify those problems xx
    take care 

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    Hi @Kerrin
    Ring the helpline and they should be able to assist you with posting. I’m not that tech savvy but managed it - you sign in to the network , then go to Groups, then click on 
    the particular group you want.