The Beacon - 1st March 2023

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Hi everyone,

If you haven't checked your inbox yet, you should have received the latest issue #94 of The Beacon. Alternatively you can access it here via the link

If you prefer to read it offline as a PDF there is a 'Download' option.

Hope you enjoy the content.


  • SuzyS
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    I was excited to read Berlei are expecting deliveries of larger (and smaller) sized bras. I recently had surgery but as I have a larger bust was given the biggest bra the hospital had. It is a bit tight but better bthan nothing.
    I rang Berlei to ask when the larger sizes would be available but the woman I spoke with said she'd not heard of it and there was nothing on computer about getting them.
    The other day I sent off an email and their response was
    "...have yet to receive updates on when and if bigger sizes will be available online..."
    So oif you're like me and waiting on bigger or smaller sizes sadly don't jold your breath.
  • Mez_BCNA
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    Hi @SuzySThankyou for your feedback and sorry you have experienced inconvenience during an already challenging time.Unfortunately, Berlei have advised us that there has been an unexpected delay with the new sizes and we are currently liaising with them.We will pass on your feedback to the Berlei team and I will send you a direct message to get further details about your sizing requirement.