Awaiting results

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  • arpie
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    All the best for your results, @Michelle_W .... try not to use Dr Google tho - as it may only scare you!   Your GP will have the report that goes with the Ultrasound - and should be able to explain the different coloured areas to you ..... if it was anything 'serious' I am sure they wouldn't have made you wait a week or more!  

    Take care & all the best xx
  • Julez1958
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    Repeat after me:
    ” I will not use Dr Google”
    That way leads to what my psychologist calls “ unproductive worry”.
    Try and keep busy until you get your results from your medical team - you will know them soon enough and fingers crossed they are ok.
    Take care.🌺
  • Cath62
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    Hi @Michelle_W, definitely don't google. None of us are drs. I tried reading scans too and researching but I was so off track and worried myself for nothing. It's a shame we get the scans copied to us really as it isn't helpful. What is needed is the report and dr visit. Can you call you dr and tell the reception person you are very stressed and see if you can get into your dr earlier for the results? Best wishes