Breast Cancer Recurrence Prevention - An Illustrative Tutorial - Oster Oncology

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A very interesting tutorial on reducing the chances of recurrence thru the use of surgery, chemo, Rads, Tabs and natural 'evidence based' factors such as sleep, diet & vitamins .. 

(I am a bit concerned that it indicates a 30% chance of recurrence if no other treatment is undertaken, which of course was the decision made by your medical team after considering ALL the options - ie double mastectomy and no chemo, rads or tabs vs 20-30% for those who've had the added treatment ....)

In all reality - they really just DON'T KNOW why any of us (particularly early stage, successful surgery & no node involvement) go on to develop Mets ... and more of the research $$ from donations needs to go into this area - maybe this is an area that @BCNA can advocate more for ....  trying to identify the reason/factors that turns the tissue/bones into Mets! 

The researchers would need to go back over the original tissue pathology & compare it with the Mets biopsy to see WHAT HAS CHANGED & WHY!

Just remember - we ALL need to be very vigilant of any persistent aches & pains that hang around for more than a couple of weeks-1 month ..... 

My mantra is and always will be:  IF IN DOUBT, GET CHECKED OUT!

He has video tutorials on other types of cancer too ....


  • Cath62
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    Great little video @arpie. I have done all that was suggested by my medical team and I couple that with the exercise, diet, vit D etc. Glad I am doing all I can to stay cancer free.