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My Care - Understanding Supportive Care

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Hi members,

During October for breast Cancer Awareness Month, BCNA will shine a light on optimal breast cancer care. The aim is to raise awareness in the community, the health sector and amongst the BCNA network about what optimal care means. 

I know not all of you are on other social platforms so I thought this would be a good idea to share the key October social media posts through the online network that relate to the theme of 'understanding my care'.

The second of the five key areas of the Optimal care pathways for people with breast cancer is:

'Supportive Care'

Supportive care is a standard or routine aspect of cancer care to deal with issues that emerge for you, your family and carers from the effects of the cancer diagnosis and its treatment. Supportive care is provided by a diverse range of service providers which includes BCNA and other non-governmental organisations (NGOs). (My Journey has a great article Support for you when diagnosed with early breast cancer).

Your wishes and needs, as well as your family and carers, should determine the level of support provided to you. Supportive care should begin from the time of your diagnosis and continue throughout your cancer treatment pathway, including once active treatment has ceased.

If you would like more information about supportive care or the optimal care pathway, you can call BCNA's Helpline on 1800 500 258 between 9:00 am - 5:00 pm AEST Monday to Friday or visit our website at https://bit.ly/BCNA_BCAM_
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