Hair thinning

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    Dear @Skyelark

    Is the hair thinning due to chemo or a sudden result of Letrozole? I wore a wig at work. I did tell my colleagues about my treatment (long before Covid and in events, so no working at home) but I mixed with lots of people externally and most had no idea at all (I looked perfectly well). If you’ve been working from home, a new hairstyle is easy to accommodate! I found a good synthetic wig extremely easy to look after (no styling needed) and light to wear but when they tell you not to open a hot oven wearing it, believe them! I did experience a shift in my hair shedding pattern about a year after it grew back- nothing terrible but I moved from someone who rarely found stray hairs on clothes or brushes to much closer to the daily average. New hair settling (colour, texture, thickness etc) can take a bit of time. I have been on Letrozole for over nine years and that’s the only hair issue I have experienced. Best wishes. 
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    It's a so and so isn't it!  All the unexpected and how to cope!

    There's a great organisation that helps with how to look after yourself from a cosmetic point of view

    Home - Look Good Feel Better

    You may find a virtual or an actual workshop somewhere near you - it's free, especially for all Cancer patients

    You may also find this link below helpful, if not, it's an introduction to the BCNA website, a wealth of information

    Work and Breast Cancer | Breast Cancer Network Australia (

    Take care and best wishes
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    I am just started Letrozole today. I reacted badly to tamoxifen after being on it for 20months. I hope hair thinning doesn't happen to me. I also hope I don't experience any other side effects. Fingers and toes crossed.
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    Thank you all, it is one of the side effects of Letrozole ~ hair thinning. 🥰