Newspaper Article on Cancelled Reconstruction surgery due to Covid ...

Who's reconstruction surgery has been postponed due to Covid - and not rescheduled yet?

First paragraph in the last column is interesting - do we consider Australia as being an Asian country?   


  • Afraser
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    I read the para to mean ‘Australian women of Asian background etc’ although Australia is certainly part of the Asian region. Australian citizens are diverse. That makes sense to me - older women of Asian heritage in lower income areas may not prioritise reconstruction. As an older woman of Caucasian background, well able to afford it, I didn’t prioritise reconstruction either. As for non- metropolitan areas, I think we are all familiar with the limitations on choice, travel difficulty and attendant costs that may affect residents in those areas. The important issue is choice. If it’s a priority for your recovery and well being, you’d want all possible assistance to do it. Given the spread of COVID and the rate of hospitalisations because of it, there may still be non-financial obstacles to opportunity for those wanting reconstruction.