to biopsy or not

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I have recently found a lump (2 months ago) which I initially thought was due to my cycle but soon realized that even after my periods the lump still remained. I went to my doctor who then referred me for a mammogram and ultrasound. 
I arrived for my appt where I was told they weren't really keen on giving me a mammogram due to my age (36) and thought it best just to do the ultrasound, so I had the ultrasound and then started to get dressed, as i was doing so the radiologist told me not to bother as she thinks it would be best to do a Mammogram now. (after this i realised that they must of spotted something on the ultrasound). So i had the mammogram also on the same day.
A few days later i went to see my GP for the results and was told they had seen  dilated ducts with soft tissue present in my left breast and the radiology doctor has suggested a biopsy.  My GP rang the radiology centre to speak to the Dr who wrote up my report and confirm whether it would be a FNA or Core biopsy, to which he confirmed a Core biopsy. 
A week later I went for my core biopsy appt at the same place i had mammo/ultrasound. Once again they decided to do a quick ultrasound and called the on duty Dr in to view. i was then told by this Dr (not the same guy that wrote up my initial report)  that they wouldn't be doing the biopsy as he didn't see it as necessary. So didn't end up having any type of biopsy done on the lump.
I now am very confused and worried that something has been missed as i can still feel the lump (it feels like a small rock covered in gravel) I have an appt with my GP next Tuesday but am unsure of what he is going to say. 
Im a single mother with 2 children and don't feel comfortable waiting a few months to see if the lump grows but i am unsure if i should get a second opinion or even where to go to get one. 
I have also reviewed the initial mammo/ultrasound report where the Dr states a biopsy is suggested. it also states that i have heterogeneously dense breasts whish makes it harder to spot any calcifications or masses on mammogram. Im confused as they obviously spotted something on the first ultrasound to warrant them wanting to do a mammo after firstly saying they didn't think it was needed .


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    Dear @ziggystar85

    if it were me, I’d do the biopsy. Two different assessments, with dense tissue? You’ll be anxious about it until it’s settled. Your GP should refer you for another opinion, in the circumstances it’s the sensible thing to do given the first assessment. Personally, I’m surprised that the second doctor didn’t simply do what had already been recommended. Just be very clear that you want this done ASAP. Your GP should support that position. Best wishes. 
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    Yep definitely stressed about it, my GP has been amazing , the minute i said i had found a lump he was onto it and writing up the mammogram and ultrasound referral. I wanted the biopsy done, but the Dr that said it doesn't need to be done was adamant about not doing it. He kept saying its just fibrous breast tissue and nothing to worry about and that he didn't know why they even referred me for a biopsy in the first place. I kind of felt like he was just throwing it in the "too hard" basket.  
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    So you can take his opinion or the first one. The first one will settle the matter one way or another, in a timely fashion, the second one won’t. No competition really. And it’s not his breast, it’s yours. 
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    Yes if I were you I would definately ask for the biopsy - it will settle the matter once and for all.
    I love my breast cancer surgeon and my plastic surgeon ( had a double mastectomy and reconstruction) but I was told this joke many years ago :

    “ what is the difference between God and a surgeon”?

    ”God doesn’t think he is a surgeon”.

    sometimes Drs forget that we are people with real feelings and emotions.

     Good  luck .

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    @ziggystar85 as a “misdiagnosis fatty necrosis that grew a mate and turned out to be TNBC” don’t take a blokes assessment of a piece of anatomy he doesn’t own and isn’t his problem…  

    As I see it - do the biopsy- if it’s nothing then you’ve lost nothing and gained piece of mind - if it’s something then you’ve got it early - no losers in that outcome too…

    and having now done more biopsies on three other things that turned out to be nothing to worry about- I’m happy to be jabbed as much as needed to know I don’t need more surgery, chemo or radio. 

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    Get the biopsy done. 
    We had to push back when the experienced, well respected GP advised there was no need and guess what? 
    She was wrong.

    So it's not panic stations at all, but definitely get it done. If you were concerned enough to come here and ask the question it's clearly weighing on your mind and that alone makes it worth it. 
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    Definitely insist on the biopsy. There is no way cancer can be ruled out without a biopsy. FYI my cancer also felt like a small rock and I was 32. 
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    I agree have a biopsy.  If it turns out to be nothing more than a lump, then at least it will put your mind at rest.  My personal experience has been they can be keeping an eye on something without our knowledge.  Nobody wants to scare you on this forum, but do insist on that biopsy.  Take care and let us know how you get on.  
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    @ziggystar85 I would also do a biopsy. It is not an easy procedure (I had it done twice) but I would do so. For my second biopsy, my breast surgeon wanted to double check if the fatty thing in my healthy breast was ok or not. I can't remember the term for it now. But the biopsy showed that it was some fatty thing which is common. Surgeon just wanted to be on the cautious side. It beats second guessing things. Hope it turns out well for you and that you can come to a peaceful decision. :)
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    so  after attending my  appt with the breast surgeon, he sent me to the breast clinic at the hospital for an ultrasound , which then turned into a core biopsy aswell .. the radiologist there wasn't comfortable with what she could see on the ultrasound so i had the biopsy yesterday ... now to wait for the results. 
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    @ziggystar85 fingers crossed for you gorgeous. 
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    I am SO annoyed for you that the first Dr didn't go ahead with the initial biopsy ..... that situation 'almost' happened to me 4 years ago .... I've basically had 'call backs' every year since, with biopsy taken on 2 of them - fatty necrosis ....  hope yours is the same xx

    All the best for your results @ziggystar85
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    I was told very clearly that my lump was most likely another fibroadenoma and a biopsy unnecessary. Just yesterday I received the news that my most likely
    fibro adenoma is in fact an invasive poorly differentiated carcinoma. I’m still
    waiting on further pathology but am very glad I went with my instincts and had a biopsy. If the biopsy shows it is nothing you can relax 
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    @ziggystar85 hope you are feeling ok waiting to get the results can be a bit unnerving. xx

    @NikkiJ6 oh no sorry to hear that. I think I also have some fibro adenoma that was biopsied before. Hopefully the result be good news. xx