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Hi everyone, I am not actually sure if I am allowed to ask this or not (admin please delete if not appropriate) but I was hoping to get some recommendations (or otherwise) of Breast reconstruction surgeons in Brisbane, ideally who operate at The Wesley.  I have seen 3 already and am confused and indecisive.  I think I will be having a TRAM flat as I had extensive radiation.  Thanks so much! Claire


  • Cath62
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    Hi @cjarvo71,    Have you looked at the surgeons in this link Maybe a bit of Google reviews may help work out who is good for you. I have heard Ben Green in Brisbane is excellent but I don't think he goes to the Wesley. I had Professor Owen Ung at the Wesley. He was amazing but now retired from surgery. Good luck with your research.
  • Mazbeth
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    Hi @cjarvo71 I had a BMX with implant recon as I was unable to have DIEP recon. I saw Justin Perron and I am extremely happy with the results and the care I received. He does operate at the Wesley. He also has GAP cover. I have had excellent post surgery care - I am now almost 2 years post surgery. 
  • cjarvo71
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    Thank you so much Mazbeth. I now have an appointment with Dr Perron:)
  • Toni63
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    I had my recon done by Eddie Cheng, brilliant work would recommend