Who's been helped bigtime, in your hour of need, by a complete stranger?

Have you experienced (much needed) support from a complete stranger? (Other than from members of our forum - many of whom start out as strangers at the end of a pen , but then become firm friends xx)

When my husband was having most of his stomach removed from Stomach cancer in 2010, I was a bawling mess in the waiting room, imagining the worst (as we do!  ) ....

Another lady was there - her elderly Dad was in ICU following a massive stroke - and there she was - she was placating and supporting ME! 

She even took me downstairs for a coffee & calmed me down, whilst she had her own crisis with her Dad, going on in the background. 

I've never forgotten how lovely she was to a complete stranger.  I never even learned her name, tho I am sure we exchanged first names - but for the life of me, I can't remember it!

Before I left to go home that evening, I caught up with her again & her Dad had stabilised & was in a ward.  How good was that? 

And hubby's surgeon was VERY happy with the surgery outcome ..... 

Kindness costs nothing - but the memory & feeling lasts a lifetime. xx


  • FLClover
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    I agree Arpie, kindness costs nothing, but we remember it forever and it keeps giving us hope 😊. What a horrible time for you both, but you both ended up having a positive outcome  🙌🏻😊😊🥰🥰. 
  • Cath62
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    I actually haven't experienced kindness from strangers but it is so lovely to show kindness to others. During my treatment I was shown kindness by a couple friends early in my treatment but it all faded away. I have a kind husband so I am very grateful for that. 
  • BlackWidow
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    I think I have mentioned before that a member saw me upset at the doctors on the day when I was told about my BC and she was very kind to me.  She came into the hospital (remember the days when we could have visitors in hospitals ?) with a lovely bunch of flowers.  When I went home she loaned me several items to make my life easier and did many chores to assist as I live alone.  She has become a lovely friend to me.  Yes, there are some very kind people in this world who really help others they don't even know.  Thank you !  Anne
  • FLClover
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    @BlackWidow those strangers that become friends are very special 🥰🥰💟
  • Keeping_positive1
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    I had four people that I considered acquaintances that stepped up and made sure I had someone to take me to chemo treatments.  They would ring and "pencil" themselves in to make sure they had me covered.  I was so grateful to them, they were so lovely and I will always remember their kindness.  In fact at the time I was just going through the motions, but after my treatment I took each one out separately to lunch (my shout), and gave them a lovely thank you card.  One person that does quite a bit in her local community was overwhelmed and cried, I think because I acknowledged her kindness which she did out of charity.  I really felt quite loved by those four people that I hardly knew, yet some others (close friends) disappeared.  Them's the breaks!  

    I had one sibling out of five (alive, one brother had passed with cancer in 2005), but the one that took me a few times to chemo, actually announced to me she didn't know how "she would cope with seeing chemo running through me"  .. I actually felt I had to support her.  That was a bit of a disappointment tbh.!

    We have to be grateful, because I think some people just don't know what to do, nor how to act with others when they face a cancer diagnosis.  That is now how I see it!