Tiredness/no energy after radiation therapy

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    Hi @cathMor, it’s quite normal to feel exhausted after radiation. It keeps on working for many weeks after you’ve stopped. Radiation not only kills cancer cells but also your good red blood cells in the breast so it takes a little while for your body to build them up again. Rest and take it easy- you’ll come good in a month or so. xx
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    @cathMor I was also exhausted after having 6 weeks of radiotherapy, if I had gone any slower I may have appeared to be be unconscious :)  It does take a while to pick up again, so be kind to yourself.  If you are still concerned that you are not bouncing back you can always talk to your doctor about it.  I was found to have hypothyroidism four months after my 18 months of active treatment when I complained to my doctor I was still so tired, and blood tests revealed my underactive thyroid.  Was it a result of the treatment? idk, but best to be vigilant and express any continuing concerns with your doctor also.  

    However, as @TonyaM stated after radiation it does take a while for your body to build up the good red blood cells again. Best wishes.  xx
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    Just copying my reply across .... all the best @cathMor - if you are still in pain .... contact your breast care nurse, as there really shouldn't be pain at this stage unless your skin broke down badly & blistered xx. It does take a while before you start feeling 'normal' again ... take care xx

    You've been thru a lot, so i reckon you're allowed to loll round in your PJs  - but if it upsets you, ring our help line (at the top of the page) & chat with them

    As the girls say, @cathmor ... make haste slowly - the fatigue can be a culmination of the whole shebang, from discovery, diagnosis, surgery & rads ..... almost like 'dropping the bundle' but in a good way!  It is virtually the end of your 'active treatment' .... but you are doing SO WELL ... just be kind to yourself & if you have others around you, accept all help offers that come your way - whether it is cooking, cleaning, driving you around ..... 

    As you are 'able to' - try & get back to doing those things that you normally love doing .... that will add some normalcy back to your routine ..... mine was fishing & playing ukulele!!    It just takes your mind right off 'the current situation' ..... and gives full concentration to your hobbies .... blocking out all the other stuff that is going on.

    Where abouts are you?  You can add your town/city to your Profile - and other members may be able to advise you on services that are available in your area!  And maybe catch up for a coffee & a chat, covid willing!  xx

    Check out this thread that includes lots of stuff on the Forum that you may like to check out .... from art & craft to funny stuff (to give you a laugh) to questions to put to your Team on your next appointment ..... 
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    thanks so much. you advice and encouragement have helped
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    BTW- Im in Melbourne-inner city North Carlton
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    Hi . One more for good measure.
    From personal experience, radiation therapy is exhausting; not so much while you are doing it, even though for me the travel each day was a pain, but more so for a while later.
    On top of chemo if you need it, surgery and the sheer mental strain of the whole business it's not surprising it can feel like the last straw.
    If you are hanging out in your PJs celebrate by buying a new pair. The nicest ones you can justify. MXX