An In Depth article on BC Recurrence - what to look for - well worth a read

The article (below) is a 'must read' .... I've attached a PDF of it as well, so you can download it too.

There is a specific link to Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer, within the article.

 It is written by Melbourne-based Dr Jane O'Brien ... who is a specialist breast cancer and oncoplastic surgeon who specialises in surgery for breast cancer and prophylactic/preventive surgery for high risk individuals.

Her area of special interest is in “oncoplastic” breast surgery, aimed at maximising the cosmetic result following breast conservation surgery for breast cancer using advanced surgical techniques, and nipple- sparing mastectomy and reconstruction, both in the preventive setting and as treatment for cancer.

Jane O Brien

Jane completed her medical training in 1985, graduating from the University of Melbourne. Following advanced surgical training at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne which she completed in 1994, she undertook a two year breast surgical fellowship in Melbourne and Edinburgh, Scotland. She then worked as a consultant breast surgeon in the United Kingdom for a period of eight years at a number of world class, internationally renown breast units. During her time in the UK Jane gained extensive experience in breast reconstructive techniques, and used this experience on her return home to become one of the first breast surgeons in Australia to enthusiastically embrace the fledgling subspecialty of oncoplastic surgery, which was at that time still in it’s infancy.

Following her return to Melbourne, Jane in 2005 established the Epworth Breast Service. She held a public hospital appointment as a specialist breast surgeon at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre from 2004-2013 and at Breastscreen Victoria from 2005-2017.

In 2017, Jane relocated her breast practice to St Vincent’s Private Hospital East Melbourne, establishing The Breast Centre at St Vincent’s Hospital East Melbourne.

Jane has a particular interest in the treatment of breast cancer in younger women and genetic breast cancers, and in the organization and delivery of multidisciplinary breast cancer care. Jane’s main area of surgical expertise is “oncoplastic” breast surgery, aimed at maximising the cosmetic result following breast conservation surgery for breast cancer using advanced surgical techniques and also nipple-sparing mastectomy and reconstruction, both in the preventive setting and as treatment for breast cancer.


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    Thanks Arpie
    That was really well written.
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    Thanks @arpie
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    She also has a bunch of clickable documents way down the bottom on HEAPS of topics that are relative to us all .... go to the site to click on them (this is just a pic)

    She also does a good write up on Public vs Private as well (and other topics, such as 2nd opinions etc)
    Check out the left hand list of topics (and has links to BCNA down the bottom!!)
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    That was really helpful thanks
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    I Just found this thread again & thought that some members may be interested in checking it out.

    There is a WEALTH of information in it ...... lots of info from initial diagnosis onwards -  the first link talks about recurrences & things to look for to identify a recurrence ....

    Bookmark the Web Link & check it out over time!  

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    Just diagnosed with stage 4. Everything that was written we can relate to. Thank you for sharing. 
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    Thank you for sharing, there is a wealth of information which is very well written! 🙏🏼
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    I am SO sorry to hear of your diagnosis, @odette - you'll be in a total spin, which is totally normal - as is anger and sadness - so please ring our helpline on 1800500258 (Mon-Fri) to have a chat if you feel really anxious ....

    Please feel free to fill us in with your story so far - eg is this your first BC diagnosis?  (in Newly Diagnosed - .... then you can almost use it as a diary of your thoughts & treatments ..... updating it as you start your treatment xx

    There is also a Stage 4 Private Group that you can join, where you can discuss bits in total privacy.
    Click 'join' and the Mods will sign you up. 

    You may also like to listen to the Charlotte Tottman Podcasts (she is a BC Psychologist who was diagnosed a few years ago & had a double mastectomy with no reconstruction.). Her Podcasts are here: tottman

    Click on 'view 22 tracks' and start with No 13 (which is the first episode of Series One - weird that they've put Series 2 'first'!)   They are really good as she talks more as a BC survivor, not a Psychologist - and they are very easy to listen to!

    Take care & all the best xx. I've sent you a message - check out the envelope between the 'avatar' and the Bell ..

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    I was diagnosed stage 2 grade 2 BC in 2014 aged 36. Find out 27/12/23 metastasised to my bones at age 46.  Married, 3 kids (9,11,12). It's not hormone receptive anymore, so treatment is looking like chemo,  after hip replacement and radiation.  I enjoy a laugh and some practical tips on how to keep going with this new norm.