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Free online wellbeing support programs

Posting here because the cancope programs are ending soon and I really recommend others check it out (I was in the "Mind" program and it was very helpful): 

copied and pasted from their online site and instagram:
"CanCope is an Australian mental health study running free online wellbeing programs for cancer survivors. The online programs are developed by mental health professionals who acknowledge how difficult it can be to cope once primary treatment comes to an end. They also acknowledge that it isn’t always easy to reach out for help. The CanCope team is currently looking for cancer survivors (i.e., anyone who has finished primary treatment) to take part and contribute to meaningful mental health research. The programs take ~8 weeks to complete, are completely free, and can be completed from any location in your own time. If you are a cancer survivor and would like to be involved, you can read more at www.cancope.weebly.com or you can sign-up directly at https://redcap.link/cancope . If you have any questions or hesitations, please email [email protected] - the CanCope team is more than happy to chat with you via phone/email and provide additional information."

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