New test in USA that identifies BC recurrence much earlier ..... up to 2 years

A new Blood test is available in the USA for detecting cancer recurrence up to 2 years in advance of current testing methods (it is not suitable for ALL cancers tho - only some of those presenting as solid Tumours, such as in Lung, Colon, Bladder & Breast) .... called Signatera ... which identifies CT-DNA (circulating tumours) in the blood ...

It would be good if this becomes part of mainstream 'maintenance' after active treatment stops!

There was a CT Blood test (out of Melbourne) that was quite expensive ....


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    That’s interesting ... so that Melbourne test is a naturopathic integrative medicine one...the link lead me to the Metagenics podcast...I’m going to have a listen...My dietitian has got me on a whole lot of Metagenics products so I’m interested in what they have to say for themselves! I’m sceptical but taking it all anyway...
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    A trial called 'DARE' is being conducted in the USA (and I think UK) on some early stage BC .....

    I wonder if/when they will be having trials with it here ..... 

    Check out the 4 BC trials at the bottom of this document