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One of the funniest things ever said

AutismandbcAutismandbc Perth (Police State) WAMember Posts: 20
Well, I lose it every time I think about this but I'm weird so feel free so not find it funny. So, I was wondering one day about the best way to die if I had a choice and I asked my housemate and he said that out of all the ways he could choose to die his preference would be to
" Run as fast as he can in to a brick wall". WTF????


  • June1952June1952 Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 1,523
    Ha ha @Autismandbc - personally I could not run fast enough to even break my nose, let alone .....  
    Your housemate at least gives you a giggle ....  😂😂😂
  • ZoffielZoffiel Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 3,348
    edited June 2021
    I find some things people say, in response to serious questions so absurd that I'm hugely amused. Enchanted. Ridiculous visions are most entertaining.

    Black humour is my stock in trade and doesn't always sit well with people, but it's my brain and I can only imagine running into a wall in an effort to make it stop functioning. Miserable fail, I'd expect, given I can barely raise a slow trot these days. Mxx
  • Brenda5Brenda5 Burrum Heads, QldMember Posts: 2,409
    Haha, then he would wake up in hospital with the Dr saying you are very "lucky" you didn't kill yourself. LOL

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