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Survey on how you are travelling post treatment .... BCNA benefits too from each survey submitted!

I’ve just completed this survey ..... check it out!  BCNA gets $1 for each complete survey too!


  • FLClover
    FLClover Member Posts: 1,513
    Can’t do it cos I live in a major city, but great idea 👌🏻
  • Afraser
    Afraser Member Posts: 4,194
    Note that it’s for people living outside capital cities - possibly helpful in getting equity of treatment and options. 
  • arpie
    arpie Member Posts: 7,021
    Sorry - I forgot about the 'needing to be rural' bit!  :( 
  • June1952
    June1952 Member Posts: 1,737
    @arpie - it is for anyone outside capital cities so anyone living in regional and rural locations qualify.
  • Brenda5
    Brenda5 Member Posts: 2,423
    Done. My doc is probably going to give me the black dog questionaire in an hour. I hate assessing how bad I feel. It doesn't help me just them.

  • Locksley
    Locksley Member Posts: 884
    @arpie I've just done survey too.
  • SoldierCrab
    SoldierCrab Member Posts: 3,430