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Good morning
i am coming to the end of my 5 years on arimidex. 
I have a question for those of you who have completed their course of arimidex. 
Does the side effects go away once you stop taking it. I need some assurance that the hot flushes/night sweats disappear and the weight gain stops. 
Thanks Bev 


  • iserbrown
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    Lucky you!  5 years done!

    Best wishes as your body adjusts
  • Bevkk
    Bevkk Member Posts: 26
    thankyou. I’m hoping the side effects will go away. 
  • Afraser
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    I’m enrolled in the AI club for ten years! One and a half to go! Best wishes for getting shot of all the side effects! 
  • JanineG
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    Hi @Bevkk firstly congrats and wow! 
    I finished my arimidex after 5 years at the end of October 2020. I’m actually finally noticing a gentle change in my body for the better. The weight is beginning to come off!! Hot flushes well I wasn’t really experiencing them in the true sense over the last couple of years. I just seem to run  hotter than anyone else in my household but not anywhere as bad as I was when on the arimidex. I have chosen to continue on cattapress to keep me a little cooler for the moment (that is probably just a placebo now lol),I do feel more myself if that makes sense. Oh and libido..... probs not. Very happy for you well done💪🏻