What’s happening in Choosing Breast Reconstruction Group?

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Hi Ladies, 
If you  are a member of choosing breast reconstruction group and haven’t visited for a while we have some new members after advice.
One member is  after advice from someone who has had a unilateral DIEP and is post 6 weeks recovery  The same member is after advice from any horse riders who have had this surgery or anyone with recommendations on a plastic surgeon on Sunshine Coast

We have a new member looking to connect with anyone who has experience with a ruptured implant

We have a new member with the CHEK2 gene and looking at prophylactic mastectomies looking to connect with others in this situation.   

These are just a few recent posts. It’s hard to remember to visit groups that are private and posts don’t appear in the main forum but if you could spare a moment I’m sure these members would be grateful. 

If you would like to join our group here is a link we have a huge array of photo stories from our brave members who have generously shared them. it’s also a  nice place to connect with others about your reconstruction options.  

Hope you are all doing well, life is keeping me busy and between work and group leading the choosing breast recon group I don’t get into the main forum as often s I’d like. 

Hugs all. 

Paula xxxx


  • Skbr
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    Hi Paula, I cant seem to join!

    I have recently been diagnosed with Grade 2 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, hormone positive, ER2 negative, at 36. I have just been told today that I will need a mastectomy (possibly nipple sparing, implant chosen by the surgeon on the day, TiLoop bra pocket, above the muscle), which is pretty devastating.

    My surgeon wants to do the surgery in 3 weeks which seems so fast! I would love some advice or to see some pictures, but I cant join or see the "Choosing Breast Reconstruction" group. The link just goes straight to the info page.

    Sam x
  • mum2jj
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    I’ve just joined you up so hopefully you can now get in. Let me know if you have any problems 
  • L_202
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    Hi I was wondering if you can check my request to join as I don't seem to have access.
  • FLClover
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    Hi @mum2jj, could you please help @L_202? 😊
  • mum2jj
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    Thanks @FLClover I've had a busy week. All good @Jane221 has signed @L_202 up.
    Thanks girls and let me know if you have any issues.
    Paula :)
  • Miriam17au
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    Good morning
    I've tried to join. Not sure if I was successful, as I can't see the group.
    Is it still running? This is the latest post I could find and its 2 years old... 
    Thank you
  • arpie
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    Hi @Miriam17au ... I will tag a Mod to give you a hand, joining, tomorrow xx. @Daina_BCNA, many thanks

    In the mean time, feel free to tell us a bit about your story (in the Newly Diagnosed Category) so that we can understand more of your diagnosis & what stage you are at xx

    take care

  • mum2jj
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    Hi @Miriam17au, I have just had a look and you are not a member as yet and I can't see your request.
    Choosing breast reconstruction — BCNA Online Network
    Try clicking on this link and then click the join button.  Let me know if that doesn't work.  You then just need to answer a question and we can approve you and send you our welcome message.
    Paula :)
  • Daina-BCNA
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    Hi @mum2jj/ @arpie and @Miriam17au - I have also tried to invite Miriam into the group but for some reason it is not allowing me to do so. I will check in again tomorrow morning and see if I can fix. Appreciate your time. 
  • mum2jj
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    @Daina_BCNA, I think I remember this happening before and it was to do with privacy settings of the applicant?
  • Miriam17au
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    Ok thanks.
    I'll have a look.
    Still new to this setup
  • Mez_BCNA
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    Hi @Miriam17au I was able to see your join request and accept it today