Supporting a friend Overseas.

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Evening Everyone. I am so glad we have such an incredible service online. The resources on here are very good, and easy to navigate.

I hope this is ok. I have been hit with the news that my very amazing girlfriend has been recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer. We have shared our tears, we have talked lots and that has been great. Just one issue. I cannot give her a hug or deliver a meal. She resides in the USA (however she is Australian), with her beautiful husband and two small children.

I am wondering if anyone knows of something kind, something that will help with her to prepare for what is ahead. I was thinking of sending money to help pay for some meals. I guess I am looking for ideas. Open to suggestions.

Thank you in advance.


  • June1952
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    Hello @hlenehan
    That is such a difficult time for your friend and for her relatives/friends over here who are not able to give close support to her.  
    Perhaps you can give the state/area where your friend lives so members here who know the USA can be more specific with ways and organizations to assist her.
    A 'care package' from one of the stores there, which you could purchase on-line and have delivered, would perhaps lift her spirits and make her feel special.
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    My sister lives in the USA and  I sometimes buy her a fancy cake online (USA based) and they deliver it. There are some really nice ones. I sent my baby niece a lambikin rug as it was an Aussie item she couldn't get and it reminded my sister that we were thinking of her from Australia. They are coming in to Summer there so anything warm will be useless but if she is still having treatment in their winter, a real merino scarf, gloves, beanie. Ours are better quality, they have fake stuff so they can throw them in the dryer like they do with everything. What city and state does she live in?
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    A care package is a good idea. You can also remind her that when things are often at their worst, in the night, you are available (phone or Zoom) to chat and make the wee small hours a little brighter.