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Ok! Here goes and sorry, I tagged it a teachers but any advice welcome! 
I’m a stage 4 metastatic cancer fighter. I originally had breast cancer in 2016 and was then fine for awhile. My school community knew about that diagnosis as obviously I had leave whilst I had surgery, chemo and radiation and I live locally. 
Fast forward to late 2018 and I was diagnosed again, this time stage 4 in bones. My hair randomly fell out last year but I managed to get a wig pretty identical to my own hair so no one knew and I could continue to fly under radar. Then covid hit anyway and I taught remotely via zoom  in a beanie until nov last year. When I went back to school my hair just looked like I’d cut it short so that’s what I went with. 
Now randomly my hair is falling out again! I don’t want to get another wig as hair is pretty short anyway and it’s not the look I like if you get what I mean plus due to eczema’s etc I need good quality ones and can’t justify the expense for a crap hairdo if you get my drift!!!!. 
I’m happy to shave it all off again and wear scarves (once we determine it’s not salvageable which I’m assuming it’s not) but here’s where my question comes in. 
For those that are teachers, what did you do? Just say to the kids, “I’m having some medicine and it’s made my hair fall out” or just wait and see what they say??? Put a note in newsletter???? I’m not in a classroom but in a specialist role now and teach prep through to grade 4. 
Any advice welcome, I might just be overthinking it all but once this is out, there’s no going back. 



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    Hello @Joinmelb
    Im not a primary school teacher, I’m in ESL. But what I would do is, send a note to the parents requesting they speak to their children about it in their own way, and doing their best to make the kids understand what it is and to try and not comment on it to you. Your principal should be able to arrange that. If not, you could just explain to any kids asking that it’s the medicine, as you suggested. 
    Good luck, I hope it out works out ♥️
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    I’m not a primary school teacher either but I’d be tempted to just rock up with your scarves and wait and see. It’s a big thing for all of us, losing our hair, so we immediately imagine it must be for everyone  else. But it may not be. If a pupil asks, then honesty is the best policy  - you are having some treatment and it messes up your hair. To be honest, I’d rather control the message than ask a group of parents to do so. Best wishes. 
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    Are you comfortable with talking to someone in leadership at the school to discuss the best option?  The rumour mill can run rife through the kids (not to mention the teachers and parents) - it may be a good strategy to make sure the teachers you work closely with know what's going on and what you want divulged and let them know that you are happy for them to tell the kids as needed, or their parents - but a school leader may be able to give you guidance.  I think the statement that your hair doesn't like some medicine you are on that's different to other medicines is enough for young kids but I probably wouldn't volunteer it without them asking.  It's always good to be careful as you may not be aware of what a child has going on in their personal life and too much information, or that told in the wrong manner, could be traumatic.  (I say this as a parent knowing how well-meant but thoughtless statements by teachers have affected my kids and others.)
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    retired teacher suggests, 'I'm wearing scarves because some medicine has made my hair look a bit weird.' Most kids adapt very quickly, some may not have taken much notice. You could ask them to draw a picture of you wearing your scarf. I love kids art, it holds and expresses their truth, who knows, you may even get a caption such as, 'Mrs ...... looks cool!' (to be cherished for those days that are *****!!!!??? etc.)