One year post surgery

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I had a lumpectomy and one node removed February 2020, node all clear and good margins taken from lumpectomy, then radiation for three weeks. I have an appointment with my oncologist in 2 weeks and saw a surgeon ( not mine, I’m public so whoever was on I suppose) in December. I had to ask him if I was going to need to have a mammogram before seeing the oncologist. Is it normal to have a mammogram one year after surgery? 


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    I’ve had one every year since diagnosis (mastectomy, one lymph node affected). The length of time to keep having mammograms may differ given different circumstances but one after 12 months is pretty normal. I’m perfectly happy to go on having one - my breast surgeon has his own 3D scanner. Just one more bit of reassurance! 
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    Hi @Jwrenn had my lumpectomy in Jan 2020 and will go back yearly to see breast surgeon.Had mammogram early Feb this year and saw the breast surgeon that afternoon for results .She gives me the referral for mammogram and ultrasound at that visit for the following year . I also see oncologist yearly in July to see how I’m going on medication but the breast surgeon rather than the oncologist orders and gives result of mammogram.Hope this helps. 
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    Hi @Jwrenn ... my team organised my yearly visits after the end of my active treatment (surgery and rads and tabs) so that I see someone every 4 months .... and yes, it has always involved a mammogram and ultrasound at the anniversary of the diagnosis or surgery date.
    So I see my surgeon in Feb, Onc in May and Rad Onc in Oct/Nov after my MG/US.

    Did you end up having one done?  If not, Maybe contact your Onc and ask for the referral so hopefully you can arrange one before you see them in 2 weeks?

    all the best xx

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    I had my first mammogram 6 months after the end of active treatment. My Breast surgeon provides the request form and I have it done just before seeing her the next year
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    It is interesting to see that not everyone gets an ultrasound each year as well as a 3D mammogram. I had both on the first anniversary of my surgery and will have both again before the second anniversary in August. I thought that was standard practice. I am a private patient so that may be the difference. I am also checked every 3 months by one of the specialists until I get to two years and then it will be every 6 months. @Jwrenn i would definitely get a referral for the mammogram at the very least and try for the U/S as well because they show more. Good luck with it!
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    Like @kamada I get to see my specialist every six months (two years post) with an ultrasound and mammo every year.  The difference is, I am a public patient.
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    Hi everyone, thanks for replying. My problem was that when I saw a surgeon, (but I think he was a registrar, as he wasn’t one of the three breast surgeons that do  bc surgery at my hospital) he didn’t say anything about having a mammogram on my anniversary until I mentioned it just before I left. I was checking to make sure that was the usual time to have one done. He did give me a referral and I’ve had it and an ultrasound done so all is good, thanks. I’m thinking that because I live in Melbourne and we had so much time in lockdown last year and therefore Telehealth appointments some things might be missed. It was a weird year when you’re having major surgery and other treatments. Xx
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    Congrats on your 1st anniversary @Locksley!! You’re here safe and sound 😊🥰. To many more 🥂♥️

    Glad your scans came back all clear @Jwrenn 🎉💖
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    There goes my theory @Blossom1961 😉. Glad you get both as a public patient but it seems others don’t. I think this is so unfair. All breast cancer patients should get both as a matter of course because I have been led to believe that it is this combination that gives the most accurate results. We are all of equal value and deserve an equal standard of care. 😡
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    Im private and booked for only mammagram at my one year anniversary. I think if any uncertainty they will ask for ultrasound. 

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    Hi, Im the same as MicheleR, private and annual mammograms. See my lovely breast surgeon every 6 months.
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    Some structures can be only seen on mammogram some only on ultrasound. Both should be done whether you are public or private