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The friends you make

I hung out with this crazy chick in November.

You've gotta love the willingness with which you flash your tits when @Zoffiel asks you to show her your new 'nipples'!



  • Zoffiel
    Zoffiel Member Posts: 3,372
    Gotta love an insta pro who knows where to put everyone in the best possible light. Luv ya, Kate Mxx
  • kmakm
    kmakm Member Posts: 7,974
     @Zoffiel :* 
  • Caz1
    Caz1 Member Posts: 381
    Lovely pic girls, you both look goooood <3

    (Still waiting for MY coffee Kate!) ;)

    Caz x

  • FLClover
    FLClover Member Posts: 1,513
    Oh wow!! Look at you two!! 😃😃😍🥰. You both look so fantastic!! Talk about thrivers!! 👌🏻😊. Beautiful pic ladies, I’m so glad you got to hang out with each other, and admit I’m a bit jelly 😆😘😘
  • FLClover
    FLClover Member Posts: 1,513
    P.S. @kmakm Are you quite sure you’re over 50??!? 😲😲
  • arpie
    arpie Member Posts: 7,019
    Woohoo!! Looking good, girls!  What a lovely pic!  You are looking fantastic, Kate! Xx

    Yes, many valued friendships have developed here on the blog from our shared experiences of BC ... which goes above and beyond ‘just BC’. 

    I’d like to thank everyone who has helped me so much in the last 3 years and  particularly more recently with hubby’s problems!  (Yesterday was the 3rd anniversary of my positive Biopsy report and my appointment with my wonderful GP who who found my lumps who advised me, and hugged me, that I had breast cancer ... so the start of the shit fight!)

    take care ladies xxx
  • FLClover
    FLClover Member Posts: 1,513
    These anniversaries also stir up emotions @arpie. Mine is coming up next month. This time last year I had found it, but forgotten about it due to other obstacles life had thrown at me. Lucky I refound it in Feb. 
    I hope you’re being really nice to yourself and giving yourself a treat, not just for the anniversary but for everything you’ve been through and still are 🤗🥰😘
  • Zoffiel
    Zoffiel Member Posts: 3,372
    We certainly had a bit of a Lillette Prosecco glow :) 
  • Locksley
    Locksley Member Posts: 884
    Looking good girls.  Yes thank you to all the ladies who contribute with help advice and jokes as well.  Cheers