I missed you

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I have been locked out of the forum and have missed talking to all you lovelies (except when I managed to get on to hubbies computer). I didn't do anything naughty (well not that I got caught), it was just my ipad no longer recognising the BCNA site. I have moved again and am in a dilemna. We seem to have landed on our feet! I can't believe it is real and keep thinking I am going to wake up from this wonderful dream. I couldn't handle being bullied anymore so we moved on. WOW. I feel awesomely wonderful. The new position is not permanent but the relief of getting out is beyond description. I am, however, keeping my onco which @Zoffiel kindly shared with me. He is brilliant, so every six months I will do the three hour trip. If this is a dream, keep me knocked out. I don't want to wake.


  • Afraser
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    Good for you! Best wishes for the future and hooray for making positive changes! 
  • iserbrown
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    Good to read you were able to move on and find yourself in a better space.  I cannot understand bullying! I copped it a few years back, convinced the stress of it brought on my BC diagnosis anyhow I have risen above it and take delight in greeting my bully when I come across her.  She can't cope with my politeness!  Bully's really are a waste of space!
    Best wishes and take care and enjoy where you are now at!
  • arpie
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    Good on you @Blossom1961 - staying in a toxic work place is not good for you .....  Yep, I agree with @iserbrown - bullies are a waste of space & should not be tolerated!

    Great to have you back xx

  • Blossom1961
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    Thank you ladies. It is SO good to be back here. Sending you all hugs.
  • Anne65
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    @Blossom1961 What courage you have shown & you are the winner!! How wonderful to read a positive message with such a brilliant outcome. Onward & upward & welcome back. No stoppping you now...you go girl!! love & strength to you xx
  • Cath62
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    Well done @Blossom1961.  Bullies aren't worth taking up any space in your life or anyone's life.  I have seen first hand damage done to a sister of mine from bullying and also to my son. The impact is devastating but the reward for freedom from bullies is the best. Good on you. Enjoy your freedom.
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    That's so good to hear @Blossom1961.  
    Good on you lovely so pleased for you  xoxoxoxo