Granny's saga ..chapter 2.

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Some of the members might remember this story, but I'll repeat it for newer members, along with an update. Shortly after my bilateral mastectomy in 2017, my then 2 year old grandson was riding on the seat of my walker, when I treated him to an ice cream. Short backstory...due to his blended family he has three female grandparents. His maternal Nanny, his paternal step grandmother Oma and me, his paternal grandmother Granny. When he was paying the lady at the till, she commented to him..."Gosh you're a lucky boy...your Nanny has bought you an ice cream". With a roll of the eyes and an upblowing of his fringe from his eyes as only little boys can  ..he huffed. "My Granny...not my Nanny!!! Nanny's got boobies...big ones..and Granny's got no boobies. She doesn't even have nipples!! (myself in all my not so glorious state of undress noted when going swimming and changing).  Well chapter two is this. Last week when visiting the kids, my newest granddaughter, aged two (Amelia) was pulling at her mum's pants in the kitchen as she was cooking. She was demanding "ai ai"...the name she gives her mum's boobs as she is still breastfeeding. Her mum brought her to me with a few books and asked me to distract her for a minute or two. Mielie sat next to me...pulled at my sleeve and asked hopefully..." ai?" Her brother chuckled and said "You're out of luck Mielie...Granny hasn't got any ai ai..she hasn't even got nipples. Mielie looked astounded and asked "Mielie look Ganny..." I pulled my blouse forward and she peered down then sat upright and said "No ai ai...Ganny got no ai ai...Mielie want booka booka pease Ganny. She got her story and gave me a new one to share.